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  • You, the home owner, will need to select a Survey Engineer or a Planner.

Please refer to Sections 212.009, 212.014, and 212.015 of Chapter 212 of Local Government Code

Preliminary matters:

  • Mortgage holder notified
  • Mortgage company sign off
  • Tax certificate proving taxes are paid
  • Utilities notified, you will need to get a Release of Easement


  • Once the replat is completed and ready for filing, you may send all the replat information to Kyle Blank, with Quiddity for review, 281-342-2033 and inform the City Secretary that the replat has been filed,
  • Before the City Council meeting you will need to pay $250.00 to the City of Weston Lakes. Also, any additional Engineering fees, (they will have their own fees) will need to be paid at this time.

*Once the replat is filed, the City must take action within 30 days.

Ideal time to submit replats is the first week of the month.

Public Notices:

  • Public notices must be mailed 16 days before City Council meeting, to other owners of lots that are within the original subdivision and are within 200 feet of the lots to be replated. You need to provide letters, (public notices) that are addressed, stamped, and sent to City Hall at least 20 days before the City Council meeting.  

Send to,  City of Weston Lakes, P O Box 1082, Weston Lakes, Tx. 77441.

City Council meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of each month.

  • 16 days before the City Council meeting the home owner must post a notice of the public hearing, in the local newspaper, The Fort Bend Herald. Must send the city a copy, the paper will provide you with this.

City Council Meeting – 4th Tuesday of every month:

  • Bring copies of the mylar which needs to have spaces for the Mayor and the Aldermen to sign.
  • The City will hold a public hearing and consider approval, disapproval, or approval with conditions.

If you have any questions before filing for the replat, you can contact Kyle Blank with Quiddity.


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